According to the Rolling Stones [Hardcover] Review - Rolling Stones History Re-Written-A Whitewash!

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According to the Rolling Stones [Hardcover] Review

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Rolling Stones History Re-Written-A Whitewash

By R. Morris

From reading this coffee-table book, an individual who didn't apprehend a lot of concerning the Stones might probably conclude the following:

1. Bill Wyman wasn't within the Stones

2. Brian Jones created no nice contributions and was a drug-addled pain within the a--.

3. Mick Taylor was a Stone briefly

This is a book written by the 3 original Stones who still play along, and long-time member Ronnie Wood. it's written in their words and sometimes I found their comments to be self-serving and overly harsh of others. Wyman, the good bassist, is mentioned by his rhythm-mate Charlie Watts owing to his effeminate bass enjoying and little hands. Brian Jones, who WAS the Rolling Stones too soon and created their music special, is dismissed for his lack of song-writing ability, his drug use, and his mental issues. ought to Rolling Stones throw Stones, particularly ones who live in glass houses? All of those guys were drug-addled and tousled at one purpose. although he was arduous to measure with, why not dwell on the various positives that the guy delivered to the group? And Mick Taylor, who laid down a number of the best lead guitar riffs in Stones history, is, like Wyman, alive and well, and however he and Wyman were never even interviewed for this book. Why is that? Is it as a result of this is often a self-serving project geared toward boosting the stock of Rolling Stones, Incorporated, the remaining members?

The photos are wonderful. a number of the commentary is fascinating, particularly from the typically tight-lipped Charlie Watts. The essays by outsiders that are inserted between chapters offer new intending to the term sycophantic.

Reading this because the definitive autobiography of the Stones is like reading a Soviet history textbook from the fifties, the one where all the purged heroes are airbrushed out of the photos and written out of the index.

For a decent illustrated history of the Stones, I highly suggest Bill Wyman's Rolling with the Stones. He kept nice records, and he's fair-minded to any or all the members, past and gift.

I love the Stones, however this book brought them down a notch in my pantheon of rock gods.

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